GTC-group - Foreign economic activity consulting, outsourcing, customs operations
Outsourcing of Foreign Trade

Outsourcing of Foreign Trade

It means that GTC-group provides the service at Foreign Trade releasing our Clients from making decisions in this range.
Our service:
1.    We can be your importer between you and your buyer in Russia;
2.    We can provides the customs clearance in Russia;
3.    We can organize the integrated transportation from all over the world;
4.    We can organize the payment for the goods from foreign producer and etc.
That’s why you can advise GTC-group Company and our service to your buyers and business partners in Russia and other countries.
Transport and logistics

Transport and logistics

Your benefits of working with us:
1. Offering the solutions in this area we are based on the personal experience and experience of our freight forwarder partners.
2.  Established relations with owners of rolling stock, warehouses and ports.
3. Multifunctional service on account of rented rolling stock.
4. Integrated control of cargo transportation (the presence of our agents in all the main points of the route).
5. Large database of verified and reliable suppliers of transport and warehousing services.
6. Route optimization of cargo transportation.
7. Possibility of the payment after delivery.


GTC-group has analyzed successes and failures of companies which had worked in the area of Foreign Trade. So our company can suggest the practical tools and integrated support to our Clients based on accumulated experience.
GTC-group provides to our Client the following service:
1.    Qualified consultation on the optimization of the logistics routes;
2.    Qualified consultation on the choosing of vehicle’s type;
3.    Qualified consultation on the customs clearance;
4.    Qualified consultation on the customs declaring;
5.    Qualified consultation on the choosing of HS Code;
6.    Qualified consultation on the finance service;
7.    Qualified consultation on the searching the manufacture and his inspection and etc.

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Our benefits

работаем только с собственниками
GTC-group has established relationships with owners of rolling stock, temporary warehouses, ports, and customs.
подготавливаем большую часть документов самостоятельно
GTC-group provides all transport documents and certificates  by yourself.
доставка FMCG и сезонных товаров
GTC-group delivers FMCG, direct distribution
собственные товаропотоки
GTC-group minimizes your transport costs on account of own freight traffic from all over the world (Europe, Asia, USA)
опыт поставок по экзотическим маршрутам
GTC-group  has experience of trucking from Bangladesh, Brazil, Thailand, Zambia etc.
сеть проверенных агентов
GTC-group efficiently solves the problems abroad on account of the certified agents in Europe, Asia, USA.

About company

Global Trade Consulting (GTC) Group - группа компаний, предоставляющая Вам доступ на международные рынки. Первые перевозки были организованы в 2007 году и с тех пор компания прошла путь от организации и сопровождения собственных товарных потоков до предоставления всего спектра услуг, связанных с международными перевозками, таможенным оформлением, банковским сопровождением сделок, юридическим сопровождением ВЭД.

Консультации по ВЭД - мы подготовим проект по импорту Ваших товаров, при это просчитаем все затраты, обрисуем карту рисков, поможем с выбором перевозчика, рассчитаем стоимость растаможки.

Карго, автомобильная доставка сборных партий товаров от 36 кг из Европы с консолидацией на удаленных складах. Карго, доставка товаров автомобильном видом транспорта из Китая в Екатеринбург через Казахстан оформлением в России. FCL (full container load) - исчерпывающий сервис перевозок товаров из любой точки мира с таможенным оформлением в Екатеринбурге.


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