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Transport and logistics

Аssorted lading

1. LTL - less than truck load – the cargo which fills the part of the truck.

2. LCL - less than container load – the cargo which fills the part of the container.

The main routes:

  • Cargo from Europe

  • Cargo from China

  • Cargo from Asia

Delivery time:

  • China - 21-25 days (от 35 кг)

  • Europe - till 21 days from any country.

You can choose two options of your participation in the transportation process.

  • Your Contract, but our transport maintenance.

  • Our Contract and finance service with shipping.

We organize the whole transportation process. That why you get the low price of the goods.  

1. participation of our agents abroad; consulting assistance on minimizations of transport costs and customs clearance.

2. acceptance and reception of goods at the factory; packaging control; control of weight and quantity. приемка и забор товара на фабрике, контроль упаковки, контроль веса, количества;

3. goods consolidation at the remote free warehouse (In China – Guangzhou, Manchuria, Urumqi; in Poland – Blonay, Biala Podlaska, Gliwice; in Italy – Milan; in Czech Republic – Prague; in Lithuania -  Vilnius); customs procedure; vehicle organization.

4. the passage of customs borders; formalization of permission documentation

5. customs clearance before vehicle arrival; submission of customs declaration

6. unloading at the temporary storage in Yekaterinburg, Kazakhstan, Kurgan

7. receipt of goods based on the shipping and accompanying documentation;

8. supply of vehicle with capacity 5 tons for following shipping to Client’s address

Your benefits from cargo shipping with GTC-group:

1. Cargo insurance with additional guarantees.

2. VIP-service based on cargo maintenance with Global Monitoring System at the all stages of shipping.