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Transport and logistics

Logistics from European Union

GTC-Group suggests to our Client the whole transportation services from European Union and the countries aren’t included in EU.

The most popular routes:
South, Central, North of Italy - Poland - Belarus - Russia - Urals, Western Siberia, Khanty-Mansiysk District, Yamalo-Nenets District
Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Germany - Poland - Belarus - Russia;
Serbia - Romania - North of Ukraine - Russia;
The main characteristics of partnership with us:
1. We cooperate with the customs agents in EU (Poland, Lithuania). They implement the customs procedure regardless of cargo departure.
2. We cooperate with the agents for delivery control in EU (Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Lithuania).
3. We have nonstandard vehicles like temperature controlled trucks, awnings, metal vans.
4. Also we have the trucks with capacity from 1,5 tons and 20 cubic meter.
5. GTC-group use only legitimate cargo delivery.